“Hopeful love story with nature as a central theme. Stunning vistas of sky and sea that make you want to rush back down to the Cape NOW!”

Angela - Boston, Mass

“Director/producer Andrew Silver's Radio Cape Cod is a labor of love. Saturated with a breathtaking elegance that radiates this low-key romancer, Silver definitely serves up a quaint love story set within the cosmetic confines of New England's blissful boundaries. Silver, whose usage of his academic background in natural ecology is key to the film's major symbolic effectiveness, accentuates the conception of the ocean as a cleansing experience for his character studies of undefined love. Enriching, methodical and visually arresting, Radio Cape Cod is an unconventional narrative in that it correlates its amorous themes with the nuances of nature and scientific curiosities”

Daniel J. Nicolai - The English Theatre, Frankfurt, Germany  The English Theatre - Frankfurt, Germany

“Cinematography was beautiful - music choice was superb and complimented the storyline and environmental aspects of the film.  The movie's flow was very smooth and the acting was excellent.”

Bob - West Palm Beach, FL

"Dear Mr. Silver,
I just finished the FABULOUS DVD!!!! I enjoyed every single minute!! The scenery is out of this world---amazing!! I loved the story and the characters! I never even moved for an hour and 10 minutes while I watched it. The message is LOVELY! I can't thank you enough for the privilege of watching it."

Sincerely, Andrea

“What a delightful film!   I just saw Radio Cape Cod at the Coolidge Corner Theatre and wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Great acting, dialogue, and camera work.  (I've done professional acting and camera work myself)  It was a welcome relief from the standard Hollywood fare.  I hope you had as much fun producing it as I had watching it!”


“Extraordinary. Let me count the ways. Luminous, thought-provoking, profound, refreshing. I love the way the "Planet Oceans" quote frames the story. And the cast! Handsome, yet interesting faces--no Julia Roberts here, no "types." An extraordinary mix of faces and demeanors. Acting was incredible--brilliant. You were as natural as a bee on a daisy. As was Julian. Music perfect. Cinematography exquisite. And the message--to relax and smell those daisies--was very powerfully illustrated.”


“Radio Cape Cod is a beautiful story of love, friendship and the natural world. Silver artfully turns the ocean into a character in its own right.”

Kerry - Wakefield, Mass