Boston Screening

“I just kept thinking about the movie all day. It's a beautiful, powerful and very touching movie. As somebody said this morning : it makes you feel good, about life, love, ... Not a sad story (as somebody else said), au contraire! Very positive, with such a strong confidence in people and love : I do feel that the "message" would be : just trust yourself and open yourself to your feelings and to other people. And it's so amazing to have just ordinary people living ordinary events but getting to be extraordinary just because they dare living.”

“It is really a wonderful production... stunning photography, great acting, and an engaging, uplifting and intellectually stimulating story.

The way the young scientists are portrayed is so very different from what is usually seen in the media.  The blending of their love of marine biology with their "personal love life" really works.

There are many efforts—past and present that try to give young people "scientist role models".  Although that may not have been the purpose of this film, I think it could have that kind of impact... it is so refreshing to see a film that has both wonderful production values, lovely music, a positive and uplifting story, and real science all in 1 package!”


“thanks for sharing your wonderful film with us last night. i loved it! i came home filled with love and joy. the film was wonderful and your talk after made me teary. your passion for the film, the actors, the musicians, the filmmakers, the food, the cape......just infectious and fabulous.”